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Benefits of Buying A Car (Over Trucks and SUVs)

Are you an SUV person? A big truck person? Or maybe compact cars are your thing or you are unsure? Regardless of your preference, i In today’s blog by Auto Warehouse in Brighton and Fort Collins, we highlight the benefits many people see from driving cars over their truck and SUV counterparts. Keep reading to learn more or for the ultimate answer, stop by one of our Auto Warehouse locations today to test drive some cars, trucks, and SUVs for yourself!

Easier To Drive

In general, cars are much more compact than SUVs and trucks. Because of their smaller size, they are often a little easier to drive. Think about it: cars have a tighter turn radius, are able to fit into more compact spaces, and handle better on average. All of these factors make for an easier, more relaxing driving experience.

More Fuel Efficient

Another pro about cars being a little smaller than SUVs and trucks is they don’t need as big of an engine to provide the same performance. While an SUV or truck with a roaring V6 may sound faster on paper, consider how much more weight than the engine has to push versus a smaller V4 pulling a paper-light car. Smaller engines in most cases use much less fuel. In turn, cars tend to use less fuel on average by a sizable margin, therefore, saving you money on monthly fuel expenses. Not to mention the positive impact you are having on the environment by cutting down on your fuel consumption!

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Impressive Safety

One reason that many people choose SUVs or trucks over smaller cars is safety. They believe that larger vehicles are always much safer than their smaller car cousins. While they are certainly safer than something small like a smart car or a Mini Cooper, many cars have a 5-star safety rating — making them as safe if not safer than some trucks and SUVs.

More Fun to Drive

When it comes to having a fun time driving, power-to-weight ratios can play a big factor. Unfortunately, SUVs and trucks are quite heavy. Even though some of them have big ol’ engines, they are still lugging around significant weight that will ultimately slow them down and make them more difficult to handle on average. Cars on the other hand have excellent power-to-weight ratios in many cases. And, since they are smaller and lower to the ground, they often handle much better. Awesome handling plus great power-to-weight make it so that some of the most fun you’ll ever have driving is in a car!

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Increased Affordability

Granted, the cost of used cars and trucks can vary wildly based on mileage, condition, and make and model. But, in general, many people find that smaller vehicles like coupes and sedans are much more affordable than their SUV and truck counterparts. Take Honda vehicles for example. The cost of one of their cars, the Honda Civic, starts at just over $21,000. The cost of one of Honda’s most popular SUVs, the Honda Pilot, starts at $32,550. That’s more than a $10,000 difference from the car to the SUV. This trend is common amongst many different vehicle manufacturers.

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