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Used Cars

Get the Best Deals on the Best Used Cars

At Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton, we have been providing quality vehicles for the community for more than a decade. We source our vehicles from auctions, franchise dealerships, and around town. Our used car experts know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when adding a pre-owned vehicle to our inventory so you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a used car at Auto Warehouse, you are investing in a quality vehicle. There is a reason that we’ve built a reputation for being the best independent dealership in Fort Collins and Brighton. Drop by one of our locations today to learn what makes Auto Warehouse a cut above the rest.

Why Auto Warehouse Has the Lowest Prices

Our motto is “low overhead equals low prices.” At Auto Warehouse in Brighton and Fort Collins, we don’t believe in spending copious amounts of money on advertising and gargantuan structures. We know that we can provide unbeatable service without a big facility and tons of overhead. We also believe that by treating our customers right, we don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in advertisements and marketing plans. When you treat your customers right, they will tell their friends and everyone they know about their experience — no big-budget marketing schemes required. When you shop Auto Warehouse, you can rest assured that you are getting the best prices on the highest quality used cars you’ll find anywhere. Check out our inventory online or stop by our Fort Collins and Brighton locations today to see our used cars for yourself!

Why Should You Choose Auto Warehouse?

There are tons of great reasons for you to choose Auto Warehouse for your next vehicle. First and foremost, we offer the best prices on some of the best cars you’ll find anywhere. We also have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. You are bound to find a pre-owned car you will absolutely love! Perhaps the biggest reason you should choose to work with our team at Auto Warehouse, though, is our emphasis on customer service. Our used car dealership wants you to have a low-pressure and enjoyable car buying experience. And we do everything in our power to help you find the perfect used car to fit your needs. The expert at Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton are always very friendly, willing to help, and incredibly knowledgable.

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How to Choose the Right Used Car for You

At Auto Warehouse in Brighton and Fort Collins, we know there are a million things to consider when shopping for a used car: How many miles? Any accidents? What’s the MPG rating? How much horsepower? How is it in the snow? And more! Our team aims to make purchasing your next pre-owned vehicle and pain-free as possible. Keep reading for tips about what to keep in mind when deciding what used car is going to work best for you.

AWD vs. 2WD vs. 4WD

Believe it or not, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are two different things. All-wheel drive is when all four of your wheels are receiving power and spinning 100% of the time. Four-wheel drive is where most cars only power two wheels at a time except for when you tell the car to power all four. This is usually done with a dial, switch, or button inside the car on modern used cars. And of course, two-wheel drive is where either your front two wheels or your rear two wheels are the only wheels that are being powered. If you live in an area that is prone to a lot of snow during the winter (like both Fort Collins and Brighton are), then all-wheel drive cars are typically the best option for snow driving. Not to say that four-wheel drive cars or front-wheel-drive cars are bad in the snow, but all-wheel drive cars usually have an edge when it comes to controlling your used car in adverse weather conditions.

What’s Important to You?

Are you someone who really cares about the environment and are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle? Or maybe you love the rush of having your head thrown back when you hit the gas pedal. Whatever your priorities are, be sure to keep them in mind when you are shopping for a used car. If you are looking to maximize your miles per gallon and minimize your environmental impact, then a hybrid used car may be the best route for you. Or if you can more closely relate to the second scenario, a car with a turbo or a big V6 might be just up your alley. What’s important when shopping for a used car is that you choose one with the qualities that matter most to you.

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We Offer Financing!

With some used car dealerships, you are responsible for finding your own financing or paying for your used car in cash. That is certainly not the case here at Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton! We offer flexible financing options that are reasonable and make qualifying a breeze. If there is a used car in our inventory that you have your eye on, feel free to fill out our auto financing form today to get started with your new purchase!

Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton

At Auto Warehouse, we make buying a used car easy and fun! If it’s time to replace your old car or buy your first car, stop by Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins or Brighton today for quality used cars you can depend on.

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