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Why Buy Used SUVs?

Many people have owned one type of vehicle for their whole life. Whether it be cars, trucks, minivans, or some other type of vehicle, it’s not uncommon for people to stick to what they know. But as used SUVs continuously grow in popularity, some of those people are starting to become curious about the used SUV life. In today’s blog at Auto Warehouse in Brighton and Fort Collins, we discuss a few great reasons why you should make the switch to a new SUV.

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One of the most appealing advantages of making the switch to a used SUV is the price point. When you buy used, especially at Auto Warehouse, SUVs suddenly become very affordable and accessible. When you buy new SUVs, they typically start at a price point much higher than you may be comfortable with. Used SUVs are much more cost-effective for a nearly identical vehicle.


Whether you are a bachelor that lives on their own or a bustling family that’s always on the go, a used SUV is often the most practical option. For the bachelor, imagine all the outdoor activities and events you can participate in with ease. Snowboarding, surfing, backpacking, Comic Cons, or any other activity that tickles your fancy is suddenly much easier with all the space and all-weather capabilities that a used SUV offers.

For the on-the-go family, life can become more simplified for you as well. Sports equipment, carpooling, vacations, parties, and more are all suddenly much less of a hassle with all the extra room and utility. After all, it is a sports utility vehicle.

Four-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive

While not every single used SUV has all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, a vast majority of them do. At first thought, this may not sound that important. But when adverse weather conditions arise, you’ll be eternally thankful. With all-wheel and four-wheel drive systems, power is provided to all four wheels rather than just the front two or the back two. This ultimately gives you more control, traction, and safety when it comes to driving on wet, icy, or snowy road conditions.


Some people are turned off of used SUVs because they are under the false pretense that they aren’t as fun to drive. While used SUVs may not handle as nimbly as a tiny coupe, they are certainly no slouch. Depending on the used SUV you choose, you can enjoy a roaring V6 engine that handles better than some cars! At Auto Warehouse in Brighton and Fort Collins, we recommend giving a few used SUVs a test drive before you count them out completely. Who knows, you may just fall in love with a vehicle you never would have dreamed of driving before.

Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton

Thanks for tuning into today’s blog at Auto Warehouse in Fort Collins and Brighton.

We hope that today’s blog has helped to highlight the value that used SUVs can bring to your life! If you are considering picking up a used SUV yourself, check out our used car dealership inventory online or stop by one of our locations today.

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